Project II:

The Gossiping Tree                                                                   (A book-based television drama series )

William has been secretly having visionary dreams, in desperation he tells Daniel. He agrees to  go to the village's ancient oak in the  called The Gossiping Tree at midnight. In the morning they wake up in a forest it is the year 1100 AD . 

A kindly herbalist and her daughter take them in and conceal their identities. William and Daniel have to live as land serfs and adapt to a strange medieval  faith and the village's customs and duties. 

That is not as easy as it seems, forget Robin Hood and everything you thought about idyllic medieval yeomanry - life is hard, harsh and unforgiving. Famine and disease overshadows everyone's lives. This world was recreated after extensive research. It offers an exciting and new kind of edutainment that will not bore an audience. 

The 12th century is a period of major upheaval and a juncture when a more modern society was born. 

The drama will follow the footsteps reality series Pioneer House. Colonists in 1628 start a model society in the "New World".

The book 
The Gossiping Tree was written to explore the past and explore different historical periods that are entirely alien to our world today. 

Short Film "My Distant Relatives"

Once known as Cousin Danielle, is derived from the opening scene of a medieval based novella called "The Gossiping Tree". In modern times Stephanie leaves here orphaned brother William with their estranged aunt Constance. William  gets a really big shock. It is hoped with the assistance of director John Baker to have this short/TV drama pilot available to view in 2011.The television story from the book is a shocking true reflection on medieval life in a rural village around the year 1100, warts and all. Real life medieval drama for this period have never been seriously attempted before.