The Shadow Prince

A humble official in the Royal Household at Windsor is cajoled to perform duties that are unprincipled and irksome. He devastates the lives of an ordinary family in the service of Royal interests.

The Shadow Prince is a tale of survival, in an   ideological war, where the innocent are exploited for the benefit of the great and powerful.

• On one side, stands the unpopular Hanoverian Queen. Victoria the mournful queen in purdah and on the other, the working man's hero, Radical Liberal, called a rabble-rouser, supported women's rights and atheism Charles Bradlaugh.

• A tale of dynastic survival. 

• A Dickensian tale about obligation and raw power.

• Where religious hypocrisy and expedience meet.

Script development


Elizabeth escapes her domineering stepmother and moves to Windsor only to fall foul of Queen Victoria's devious plan to preserve the Sax Coberg dynasty with an heir and defeat rising fervour for a republic.