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In 1492 the light of civilisation went out over Europe, but a little of it remained offshore, waiting to make its peace.

Genre: Romantic / Mystery / Fantasy  




Film Synopsis

Katie fails her exams and has to endure a new life in Spain while her parents reinvent themselves. Unbeknown they arrive in a tormented village with a peculiar superstition about dolphins that conservative and hate incomers. In a fit of rebellion, Katie does not go with her parents to see their sop in the hotel instead she strays along the beach. There she sees a dolphin and swims with it only to find it is a naked merboy with amnesia. Naji is instantly the boy of her dreams. She will do anything to win him over by helping him. This sets her and the village’s fate towards a collision with violent consequences.

Four Quadrant Family Entertainment

A Historical Allegory

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Mystery

A time lost Village

A story set in a romantic fishing village in Andalusia. A forgotten 
place that is the way the villagers wish it to stay.

Naji the Merboy

Naji's world is so different. 

Naji discovers as he recovers from amnesia
 who he is and we learn why the village is such a strange place  

Katie misses London's life, vitality. She finds solace in pursuing the boy of her dreams. As she does she forgets the modern world and becomes entangled in the dangers of village politics and her own identity.
Perhaps it is not so bad after all....

The story is based on the book Children from the Sea published by Nightingale Imprint of Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie, Cambridge, England. 



Empire of the Sky                                                        

 Nicholi Notovitch. A Jew by ethnicity, a Christian by conviction, a journalist, a dissident, who lived through the Russian pogroms. With his faith challenged he had a dream come true when he was sent as a spy to British India during 1870's. His fantastic discovery should have shattered the West, but as yet has not yet been told.  

A thriller written by Graham Rushton,
Story idea by L R Whittinger, Edited by Tim Conrad. 

What he discovered

The tomb

The burial chamber

The marked feet

Is the land of Ladakh where he was to met his end?

He found a monastery with a with a secret 
that could shake the world to its core

In the Monastery he meets an Abbot

Is he friend or foe?
What is his hidden secrete?