Children's Animated Television Series

  • Mihte Lugh       - pilot complete
  • Eanie's World  - in development


Mihte Lugh: the Shining One is seeking Broadcasters


'Mihte Lugh: the Shining One'    -   Developed Pilot Ready

  • This is probably the greatest untold story.

  •  A story lost in myth and legend, now coming alive after more than 1500 years.

  • It is about a young boy's heroism to lead his friends against the ultimate evil his grandfather. One modern boy is the world's only hope.

  • It is a mystical story of druidic magic, and the mythical supernatural powers of the nine hostages.

  • His name once carried across the world from the West to the East. Today we only remember him through the stories of Merlin and King Arthur.

  • Comedy / fantasy for 8 to 12-year olds in 3D
  • 22' x 13 or 26 series episodes

The fantasy Adventure

"Jack leads Five Kids to defend the Universe from Balor, Lord of Annihilation"

Just like in Mort D'Arthur we have have created a vehicle to retell the adventures of the Celtic hero Lugh in a contemporary world. This is a kid's TV animation series with a difference.

Set in the Underworld, Life and Extinction do battle in the Universe. 'The Oracle' chooses Jack to lead a team of five kids in Hadi's dojo to keep protect the sanctity of life. After the evil cold-hearted Balor's  defeat, an uneasy peace is established. It is a classic tale of the battle between Spring and Winter.

Kidscreen Summit 2013

Kidscreen Screening Suite:  

Pilot ID: 104636

"Cead Mile Failte"

"100,000 Welcomes" from the Celtic Underworld

C.M.C 2013


Eanie's World     -    something new based on 'Who is Henrietta'
returning to development
Eanie’s World  is an animated comedy series based around three characters Eanie Meanie, Henrietta and Arthur. Well, because Eanie is a shape-shifter Arthur is really is Eanie.

They live together with SNOT in his cloaked spaceship in the park.  Nothing is out of bounds when well meaning Eanie tries to make the world a better and happier place.

This leaves his best friend Henrietta aghast at the havoc and confusion he can cause at school and in the neighbourhood.

Because Arthur is super intelligent he gets bullied at school.

It's a Magical, somewhat Odd, and frankly Amazing with Wacky Humour.

'Who is Henrietta' is showing at
Kidscreen Screening Suite: Pilot ID: 104635

Our Proposal:

  • Conversion to 3D animation with character sheet updates

  • Age range: 7-11-year-olds

  • Series:        22 x 13 to 26 episodes

  • Genre:        Comedy / Science Fiction