Mihte Lugh


 ‘Quest for Mihte Lugh

Feature Film: Fantasy, Adventure, Family
Three feisty 'home alone' are sucked into the Underworld: Only two can return after completing a perilous quest to find the heir to the Fairy Kingdom.

Release estimated 2019

Adapted from book: Mihte's Quest (pub.2008) 



Coming Soon in draft


Journey to Nowhere

"Changeling Lucas the heir to the fairy kingdom pines to go home, but has to complete a mission first with his brothers to a distant archipelago in the sky. Despite warnings and insurmountable dangers will he be able to master his superpowers in time to avoid catastrophe."

                                                                  Myth, Fantasy Adventure Family


Mihte's Challenge and the Spear of Destiny

Lucas the heir to the fairy kingdom is sent with his brothers to meet Goibhnui, but must discover his powers before his fight to the death with Balor of the Evil Eye, who wants to destroy the Universe.

Myth, Fantasy Adventure, Fairytale

An ongoing Saga based on an ancient fairytale myth