Proposed film projects

Project I:


 ‘Quest for Mihte Lugh
(Feature Film: Fantasy, Animation, Adventure, Family)
A cowardly fantasist dreams he is a superhero, until he and his 
siblings find themselves in Valhalla. Through their quest, they
 discover who will inherit the crown of the fairy world.

In script development

Release estimated 2017

Adapted from book: Mihte's Quest (pub.2008) 

The story is derived from ancient Celtic mythology as was Morte d'Arthur.


Project II:


‘Henrietta’s Odyssey’

(Family feature Film: Fantasy, Epic, Adventure, Comedy)

“Being a foundling is not funny for Henrietta: but her epic journey to find her roots as an alien princess is.”

In script development

Release estimated 2018

Film Synopsis:

Henrietta thought she was an ordinary girl until she discovered she was found wrapped in a coat on the doorstep. Then shock horror, she overheard her selfish parents were to send her to an orphanage. She desperately needed to find her real family. Then, late one night, a post box entered her bedroom and hung upside down on her ceiling.

It soon transpired to be Eanie Meanie. An alien on a mission to seek out and study new life forms in the Universe. Together they tried to unravel the mystery of her coat, which inconveniently magicked her into the merciless hands of Geegle, a violin-playing trickster who wanted the coat. The three of them make a pact; with a map, a dowsing crystal, an artificial boy, called Arthur, the travel through space and time to seek the solution.

The film is based on the humorous book Henri and the Alien formally published by Pen Publishing of Brighton, UK. Amazon


Project III:

 The Shadow Prince

A humble official in the Royal Household at Windsor is cajoled to perform duties that are irksome to his principles. Acts that devastate the lives of an ordinary family and enlightens his conservative opinions.

The Shadow Prince is a tale of survival, in a war between  ideologies, where the innocent are exploited for the benefit of the great and powerful.
• On one side, stands the unpopular Germanic Queen. Victoria the mournful queen in purdah, and on the other the working man's hero, Charles Bradlaugh.
• A tale of dynastic intrigue based around real people, lives and events.
• Where hypocrisy and Christian Fundamentalism
reins the innocent suffer.


Miscellaneous Projects:

Mihte, the Cycle of Lugh
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